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It’s been a wild 15 weeks since we launched Crowdlinker Share, our social media management product. Just in the last 2 months, we have more than doubled our user base thanks to this totally unexpected blog post from Blog du Modérateur, which garnered over 750 shares and growing. We were trending in France! For those who haven’t signed up yet, now is your chance!


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How To Make Money With VOD

We just can’t seem to get enough of VOD’s myriad of models, and with good reason as they are entrenching themselves within the content ecosystem as a truly viable means of making money online. Here’s a breakdown of how these models work, what to consider when choosing one, and why in the current ecosystem a VOD option is imperative and inevitable.


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How to Use Crowdlinker Share in 3 Easy Steps

We recently launched our new social media management dashboard and analytics tool, and this blog post is meant to give you some tips on using it for all your social media needs. Our Co-Founder Andrei, is our guinea pig in this blog, so we’ll be using screenshots from his account. We hope you find this helpful!


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Releasing Our First Beta

Today we released (hooray!) a beta version of our latest product. Crowdlinker is a social media management tool that includes a nifty custom url shortener and a robust analytics dashboard with all the KPIs a power user would need. I’ll tell you more about the product shortly, and will invite you to try it out, but I actually wanted to share a bit about the release process itself first.


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Competitive Strategy for Startups in 7 Steps

When preparing for our first funding round applications, one of the components that Crowdlinker had to provide was an analysis of the competitive environment. With any startup, understanding your positioning in the market and how you plan to enter it, is absolutely crucial to convincing funders to support you. We knew we had to get this right the first time. This is the story of our first competitive analysis.


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