Tools to Help You Pick Amazing Domain Names

Picking the right domain name can make or break your project. Here are some useful websites that will help you pick the best name for your domain as well as your social media accounts. We’ve used these tools to search for amazing domain names for our clients. This method will save you lots of time and money.

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Youtuber Tips & Courses

Recently we conducted hundreds of interviews and surveys with Youtube Publishers, big and small. We asked them what they need to become more successful Youtubers. Overwhelmingly it was clear that Youtubers need more training and knowledge at how to excel at the game of Youtube. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful Youtube courses to help take your Youtube account to the next level. Short on time? Check out our 🌟Top Picks🌟 first… Subscribe to our blog for more tips and courses in the weeks to come.

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How makes money with their own VOD site

The worldwide Video on Demand (VOD) market is projected to be worth $61.4 Billion by 2019 according to Markets and Markets. If you’re like most people in the content business, you want to cash in on the growth online, but might be lacking the necessary technical expertise in-house., owned by Canadian content production company, Conceptual Films, recently went from making nothing online to successfully monetizing its 400+hrs of content through a branded site by leveraging Crowdlinker’s VOD platform.


Most companies don’t have the time and money to invest in technologically complex delivery platforms to reach their audience online. However, with the proliferation of video on demand on the Internet, if you don’t offer your content in a way your customers expect you to, you are losing out on the opportunity to monetize it. This is lost revenue, which otherwise can be captured by making your content library available online on demand in regions where you own the rights to that content.

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