Official Tech Partner to Elevate Tech Festival & Startup Open House

Crowdlinker is one of the fastest growing digital studios in Toronto but we didn’t get here on our own. Having the opportunity to work with the people behind some of the most innovative tech startups in the world has been the real secret to driving our growth. We can only build the websites and apps that we do because we have such awesome clients. Most of our client relationship stem from the vibrant tech community in our home city of Toronto.

That’s why we are proud to sponsor two huge tech events happening here in Toronto this month: Elevate Tech Fest and Startup Open House.

  • Register for free pass to Elevate King West Social Parties (including ours)
  • Signup for our Startup Open House event

As an Official Tech Partner of Elevate Tech Festival, Crowdlinker is maintaining the Elevate website, just as we do for clients like Freshbooks and League. We also created the iOS app for Startup Open House, which features an Augmented Reality Map of the participating startups.

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A Brief History of the App Store (INFOGRAPHIC)

Today, is the 10th anniversary of Apple’s App Store. By releasing this new technology on their iOS operating system, Apple empowered businesses and developers with a new means of software deployment.

The ability to use third-party apps to complete everyday tasks revolutionized how consumers use their phones. Several industries changed forever, from ride-sharing to gaming, internet users suddenly had a new way to interact with technology.

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10 Things to Know About Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) could be the next big rave when it comes to elevating customer experiences online.

Yes, we know you’ve probably heard that many times before but things are getting a bit more serious now. You can expect your mobile browsing experiences to change drastically over the next few years, for the better.

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