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Recently we conducted hundreds of interviews and surveys with Youtube Publishers, big and small. We asked them what they need to become more successful Youtubers. Overwhelmingly it was clear that Youtubers need more training and knowledge at how to excel at the game of Youtube. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful Youtube courses to help take your Youtube account to the next level. Short on time? Check out our 🌟Top Picks🌟 first… Subscribe to our blog for more tips and courses in the weeks to come.

1. The Complete YouTube Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced   🌟Top Pick🌟

Would you like an experienced Youtuber to teach you the ins-and-outs of being successful on Youtube? Would you like your own personal mentor, that you can approach any time you have questions? If so, then this is the course for you. It covers Youtube publishing from A to Z, including which equipment to use, SEO, how to rank higher, how to make money, how to get more comments and much, much more. The instructors will also answer any questions you may have related to your own account. $199 gets you 7 hours of content and Q&A with the instructors, Jerry Banfield and Joseph Delgadillo. This is a great deal. If you’re serious about taking your Youtube presence to the next level, this course will pay for itself many times over.

The Complete YouTube Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!


2. YouTube as a career: How I make a living off of YouTube by Kriss Carroll

Kriss Carroll’s guide to creating and promoting a brand on YouTube is extremely informative, especially for those who already have a brand and are trying to extend it to YouTube. Carroll’s videos provide essential details to creating and curating a brand on YouTube. With helpful videos that span from naming your channel, to monetizing your channel, to using Social Media, Carroll is extremely thorough throughout his 2 hours of content on how to establish and uphold a YouTube brand. The course costs $199.



3. YouTube Keywords Boot-camp Secrets to Youtube Video SEO   🌟Top Pick🌟

For $27 (and a money back guarantee), Laurence Svekis provides an excellent, value-packed course on how to get your Youtuber videos ranked higher. With an in depth look into keywords and SEO, Svekis is able to provide great information on how to get your voice heard on YouTube. Svekis records what’s happening on his screen while he teaches and gives examples so the viewer is always able to see how to actually do everything he does.



4. How to sell on Youtube: 5 Strategies to sell with video

Do you want to make more money via Youtube by effectively promoting other peoples’ products? This course will show you how to effectively make and market different types of promotional videos, including: product reviews, informative videos, funny / viral videos and more. It will even show you which are the best products to promote and how to effectively use SEO to get your videos ranked higher. The course includes 2.5 hours of video and 24 lectures, plus you get to ask the instructor, Alex Genadinik, personalized questions related to your content.



5. Grow your YouTube Channel with Branding

Mikael Baggstrom specializes in creating a YouTube brand to increase your subscriber rate. For just $29, Mikeal is providing a stylistic guide to follow which demonstrates how your YouTube channel should present itself given that you are creating great content consistently. With over 19 lectures and 40 minutes of content, he is able to break down why and how to brand not only yourself on YouTube, but your videos and editing style to fit your personal brand. Although this guide is not a comprehensive guide like the others, it serves as an interesting “nice to have” because it teaches you how to increase the quality of what you’re putting on to YouTube, as opposed to getting your voice out there.



6. BUILD and Customize a YouTube Channel

Runar Sigurdsson has created a course that does a really good job of covering the basics. For $200 you get over 12 lectures and an hour of content. Like every other introductory course, he touches on bigger subjects which could ultimately be expanded upon by other courses. He starts at the very beginning, teaching you how to create the channel, and takes you through adding graphics, getting SEO results, and using annotations as well as YouTube cards.



7. YouTube on Steroids Rank Multiple Keywords First Page

Winston Wee offers 1.5 hours of content and a decent amount of information on how to setup your YouTube channel, in addition to increasing search-ability on YouTube. With case studies provided within the course, wee is able to inform you, using a method you can easily follow step by step through the video. Although Wee puts forth a solid effort making it visually easy to follow the tutorial, his fluency in English is at a loss and it slightly takes away from the course.




8. Video Marketing Profits 2015: Make $3000/Month or Money Back

Micheal Battle and William Austin have created a great course with lots of information rich content. Over 16 lectures and 1.5 hours of content show you how to record high quality videos on a shoestring budget, record screencasts, and build a sales funnel. Furthermore, the videos provide solutions that can be applied for a wide number of uses, from the different types of videos you should have for specific scenarios to screen captures, video sales letters, and whiteboard animations. It should be noted that these videos are focused on people who are trying to sell products using YouTube videos, but hold helpful information for YouTubers in general.


Conclusion: We’ve selected these courses from hundreds available online and we think they are all good choices. However, if you want to cut to the chase, consider our 🌟Top Picks🌟 first. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Beginner to Advanced course on YouTube publishing, we suggested:

1. The Complete YouTube Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced   🌟Top Pick🌟

On the other hand, if you just want to get your videos ranked higher, the following course on YouTube SEO is a great deal:

3. YouTube Keywords Boot-camp Secrets to Youtube Video SEO   🌟Top Pick🌟


Note that Crowdlinker Inc. is an affiliate partner of Udemy where most of these courses are hosted. Nevertheless, We have sifted through hundreds of courses to surface the very best content for you.

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