Tech Events Toronto – July 2017

July was a busy month for Tech Events in Toronto. Major events that took place included TechWeek Toronto, OneEleven Tech Summer Social and HackerNest Toronto Tech Social.


TechWeek Toronto

Techweek is a purpose-built conference and media company in 8 cities, running week-long conferences throughout the year. Toronto played host to Techweek during July 24 to July 28. Featured events included seminars, growth summits and Q&A’s with Toronto’s top tech leaders.


OneEleven Tech Summer Social

OneEleven – a community of data-driven startups threw their annual summer social, hosting some of North America’s brightest tech startups. What promised to be Toronto’s largest tech party did not disappoint. The social was attended and enjoyed by founders, funders, decision makers, industry and talent who gathered at the OneEleven Railyard (325 Front Street West) on Thursday July 27, 2017 to network, mingle and catch up with old friends.


HackerNest Toronto Tech Social

HackerNest is a nonprofit and community ran, organizer of tech events. The July edition of the monthly HackerNest Meetup hosted a special guest – Norm Kelly. The event consisted of speeches, updates, and plenty of time for networking.


Crowdlinker, a digital agency in Toronto, was well represented at these tech events. Members of the Crowdlinker team had a chance to interview some of the outstanding startups and talents. Below is a spotlight of companies making an impact in the Toronto Startup scene.


Represented Companies


Altus Assessments

Altus Assessments aims to provide a way for educational institutes to get a more holistic measure of applicants. Their product (CASPer) took over 10 years to develop and was aimed at solving the growing number of complaints that are related to a lack of professionalism in the workplace.  

It was noted that of the thousands of candidates who apply for top academic programs, only a few hundred are assessed on their personal and professional characteristics. Assessment items like GPA, CVs, personal essays and reference letters are unable to assess communication skills, ethics and empathy.

The solution, CASPer, is a reliable, valid measure of personal and professional characteristics for applicants to educational programs that is better able to differentiate between the very good applicants from the superb applicants.  



Basqet by Healthbit Corp is your neighbourhood-based online marketplace to get free delivery from farmers markets for personalized nutrition. Basqet’s offering has expanded into major cities within the Toronto and GTA region. Their products range from organic bread, dairy, meats and much more!



HackerNest is a nonprofit organization that runs community driven events for companies and individuals in the tech sector. HackerNest was started to build and support tech communities with “unpretentious” tech events. HackerNest has now expanded into over 30 cities by hosting over 450 tech-related socials, hackathons and job fairs.  


NEO Exchange

NEO Exchange is a Toronto-based startup which aims to provide a better way for investors, businesses and dealers to participate in the stock exchange. NEO looks to alleviate the often manipulated stock market process from unfair behaviour like high-frequency trading. Neo also offers their members free real-time market data for all NEO-listed securities.



U-Feast offers communal dining experiences in the city’s hottest restaurants. Members purchase seats at their events, just show up and eat. U-Feast emphasizes a unique experience — offering great food, great value and great social interactions.  

P.s Congrats on graduating from the DMZ!


Upside Foundation

The Upside Foundation is a non-profit that aids high-growth startups give back through sharing equity in their company. By donating equity instead of cash allows startups to take part in philanthropy while at the same time saving their scarce resources. As of July 2017, over 150 companies have pledged to give back. Some powerhouse names include Betakit, Wealthsimple and Wattpad.



Wealthsimple, yes those guys with the hilarious commercials and awesome website, are a robo-advisor service that simplify and automate investing. Their company reached prominence by offering better on-average ROI than traditional investors while at the same time charging less in terms of fees. Wealthsimple has rapidly grown for a company that was only founded 2 years ago, reaping more than 30 million in Series A investments and over $1 billion in assets under their management.  



Zensurance, winner of the Next Big Idea in FinTech, is an online concierge service looking to aid small to medium sized businesses purchase general liability insurance. Their service promises a quick and easy way to compare and purchase the most cost-effective insurance package that is also tailored specifically for your business. Late last year, Zensurance scooped up a $1 million investment as they continued on their mission to remove the headache from purchasing liability insurance and working with big insurance institutions to revolutionize the entire FinTech sector.  



July was a busy month for Tech Events in Toronto. Major events including TechWeek Toronto, OneEleven Summer Social and HackerNest hosted some of Canada’s most promising startups across all sectors.

Crowdlinker, Toronto’s Digital Agency, was honoured to attend and connect with some of these startups. If your startup wants be featured in the August 2017 edition of this article series, get in touch with Ali Abbas –  


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